Crew Member Updates and More!

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New Update: Robert Duncan McNeill Due to scheduling conflicts, Robert Duncan McNeill will be unable to attend the upcoming Star Trek: The Cruise. However, we are thrilled to announce that Dominic Keating will be joining Star Trek: The Cruise in Robert’s place! Watch this video from Robert Duncan McNeill! New Crew Member Addition: Dominic Keating […]

Incoming Transmission: Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp, aka Paul Stamets from Star Trek: Discovery, can’t wait to join Star Trek: The Cruise in just 30 days! Learn what onboard events he is looking forward to by watching this incoming transmission!

Incoming Transmission: Robert Duncan McNeill

Robert Duncan McNeill, aka Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager, can’t wait to join Star Trek: The Cruise in just 37 days! Learn what he is most looking forward to by watching this incoming transmission!

Michelle Hurd Can’t Wait to See Her Star Trek Family!

Michelle Hurd from Star Trek: Picard, is so excited to see us all onboard The Un-Conventional Voyage in February, just 43 days away! Watch this video to hear Michelle’s message!

T’Lyn From Lower Decks Can’t Wait to Join Us!

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Gabrielle Ruiz, aka T’Lyn from Star Trek: Lower Decks, will be joining Star Trek: The Cruise for the first time in February! She can’t wait to see you all! It will be ~aesthetically pleasing~ 

Thank You For An Unforgettable 2023!

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As we say hello to 2024, we look back at 2023 and we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for embarking on this interstellar journey with us. Together, we’ve ventured into the final frontier, explored new worlds, encountered fascinating characters, and savored the richness of the Star Trek universe. Your enthusiasm and support have made […]

An Update on Our Stellar Crew

The actor’s strike is over and while that’s awesome news for all things Star Trek: The Cruise, it does also mean that Jonathan Frakes will no longer be able to join us for the 2024 cruise due to a filming conflict for Strange New Worlds (new episodes yay!). But we’re super excited to announce that […]

Incoming Transmission: Rom Has a Message For You!

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Incoming transmission live from the tundra! Max Grodénchik, aka Rom from Deep Space Nine, has a special message for you about the upcoming Star Trek: The Cruise!

Insights From Chase Masterson: Strike Resolved!

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The actor strike is over, which means we can finally say our favorite words again, Star Trek!!! Chase Masterson, aka Leeta the Dabo Girl, has a special message for you, live from outer space, about the upcoming Star Trek: The Cruise!

Doug Jones Has a Message For You!

Doug Jones (AKA Captain Saru!) is joining us again in 2024 to bring another unforgettable experience. Check out the message he has for you. Huggles for all! 

Play Long and Prosper with Chase and Nana!

Chase Masterson and Nana Visitor have embarked on numerous Un-Conventional Voyages, and they’re well-versed in the art of having a good time, offering valuable insights, and delivering memorable karaoke performances! Discover their experiences by tuning into Chase’s incoming video transmission and diving into both of their Q&As to get a taste of life onboard! Unforgettable […]

Hear Garrett Wang’s Best Robert Picardo Impression

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Garrett Wang does his best Robert Picardo impression, relates his co-stars to comfort foods, and speaks about what he loves most about The Un-Conventional Voyage! “I do believe it should be on everyone’s bucketlist!”

Connor Trinneer is Counting the Days!

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“I really can’t wait, I’m counting the days!” Connor Trinneer is setting sail with us in ’24! Watch this video and hear directly from Connor on what he is most looking forward to on the Un-Conventional Voyage!

Let’s Cruise with Anthony Montgomery!

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It’s time to hit the high seas with Anthony Montgomery! “This is going to be fun. Let’s cruise!” See Anthony and our star-studded Crew onboard in 2024.

Nana Visitor on Her Favorite Time of Year!

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Nana Visitor’s favorite time of year is barreling towards us, the Un-Conventional Voyage! See Nana and our star-studded Crew of stars onboard in 2024.

Cruise Tips from John De Lancie

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John de Lancie of Star Trek: The Next Generation, has been on every Star Trek: The Cruise sailing and knows a thing or two about what goes on onboard. He will walk you through what to bring with you and how to prepare for the upcoming Un-Conventional Voyage!

Denise Crosby has a Message for You!

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Denise Crosby from Star Trek: The Next Generation wants to tell you about the most fun you’ll ever have! Join Denise and the rest of our stellar crew members onboard Star Trek: The Cruise in 2024 when we visit two new exotic ports of call, Curaçao and Aruba!

Star Trek: The Cruise VI Highlights Video

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Star Trek: The Cruise is an epic 7-day adventure that words cannot describe. That’s why Starfleet advises you to fire up your Personal Access Display Device (PADD) and watch the video of our 2023 voyage! The video takes you onboard the ship with the celebrity crew and the most passionate Star Trek fans in the […]

Doo Doo Doo Dooooo, A Message From John Billingsley

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We are excited to have John Billingsley back onboard Star Trek: The Cruise in 2024! Listen to his message here! Doo Doo Doo Dooooo!      Known for his role as Doctor Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise for four years, John Billingsley has carved out a distinct niche for himself with unique character roles in […]

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