Play Long and Prosper with Chase and Nana!

Chase Masterson and Nana Visitor have embarked on numerous Un-Conventional Voyages, and they’re well-versed in the art of having a good time, offering valuable insights, and delivering memorable karaoke performances! Discover their experiences by tuning into Chase’s incoming video transmission and diving into both of their Q&As to get a taste of life onboard!

Unforgettable Moments

Chase Masterson is happy to be back onboard for her 6th Un-Conventional Voyage! Listen to her favorite memories of the cruise, and few she’ll never forget.

“Being together is what makes this an incredibly special event, one that you’ll truly never forget.”

A Chat With Chase

What are you most looking forward to on Star Trek: The Cruise VII?

I am most looking forward to connecting and reconnecting with the fans. The Cruisegoers have become a family, and it is wonderful to have a full week to see old friends from previous Cruises, and to relax while making new friends. It’s also wonderful to see the friendships that fans make with each other. For all of us, it’s a vacation experience unlike any other. 🚢💙🖖

What are some of your favorite memories of past Star Trek Cruises?

First, the launch party is absolutely electric – everyone being together and celebrating the adventure we are about to experience! Then the theme parties – such a blast – where we all get to cut loose, and see fans’ personalities come out (and they see ours!) And then there are the individual moments – sitting down to lunch or coffee with fans, or talking on deck, experiencing the sunset or a shore excursion. It’s a major highlight of the year for all of us. ☀️

Have you been to Aruba or Curaçao before? If so, what was your favorite experience or memory from your time there?

I have never been to Aruba or Curaçao – and they both look fantastic! Seeing the adorable shoreline with the Dutch buildings feels like a mini-European vacation, and the gorgeous blues of the water are always so relaxing. Every port we have been to on the Cruise is unforgettable – can’t wait to make new memories. 🌊❤️🏝️

A Visit With Nana

What are you most looking forward to on Star Trek: The Cruise VII?

It’s hard to choose what I’m most looking forward to because it’s always such a blur of activity! But I’m seeing snapshots in my mind of laughing in the bar after a performance with a big group, listening to karaoke and jumping up to dance backup when the person is so good I just can’t stand it, seeing my friends give great performances in the big theater, exploring ports of call. This year, I can’t wait to swim in the pale blue waters of Curacao! But really, the best thing about it is spending unhurried relaxed time with old friends, and meeting new ones.

You are a fan fav on Star Trek: The Cruise. What surprised you the most about your first Star Trek: The Cruise? And what are some of your favorite memories from that cruise?

The big shock on my first cruise was how much I absolutely loved it! I have avoided cruises my whole life- really I thought I would be bored! It was a lesson to me that I need to say yes to things more often, because when I finally said yes to Star Trek: The Cruise, I found out how much I actually crave this kind of connection. The frequency we all connect on is Star Trek, of course, but it goes way beyond that. Something happens when you share laughs or new experiences with people- you start to have a shared history and for me, it creates a safe haven for fun and being fully who you are.

Have you been to Aruba or Curaçao before? If so, what was your favorite experience or memory from your time there?

I haven’t been to either Aruba or Curaçao but I can tell you I plan to make as many memories there as I can! I will not leave without swimming in that beautiful ocean!

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