Un-conventional Voyage

Get ready for a Star Trek experience unlike any other this side of the Gamma Quadrant! This 7-day voyage on the spectacular Mariner of the Seas brings an unforgettable Trekked-out experience that will transport you to another galaxy! Mingle with your favorite stars and experience a vibrant community where everyone is welcome, and the fun never stops!  

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The un-conventional voyage • Mariner of the Seas
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The Highlights

Become More Than a Passenger
Become More Than a Passenger

Star Trek: The Cruise is the ultimate immersive experience shared by a star-studded crew and the most passionate Star Trek fans in the universe. On The Un-Conventional Voyage, you are more than a passenger — you become part of the Crew and part of the magic and majesty that is Star Trek!

Ultimate Immersive Trek Experience
Ultimate Immersive Trek Experience

There is nowhere else on the planet that delivers the nonstop Trekked-out fun and unique, unforgettable moments that you will experience on Star Trek: The Cruise! Each day and night are jam-packed with one-of-a-kind shows, interactive events, Q&As with your favorite actors, panel discussions with leading scientists and experts, trivia sessions, karaoke and nightly themed parties that let you show off your cosplay skills.

Boldly Explore…
Boldly Explore…

Star Trek: The Cruise is headed back to the Caribbean! Our starship at sea departs from Port Canaveral and makes stops in two beautiful destinations in the Southern Caribbean. Get ready to explore the dazzling white sand beaches, diverse culture, beautiful mountains, vibrant architecture, and turquoise waters of Curaçao and Aruba!

Un-Conventional Entertainment

On Star Trek: The Cruise the celebrity crew sails with us, dines with us, and parties with us in a non-stop 24/7 Trek-only world. They create a wide range of original, one-of-a-kind entertainment including dramatic script readings, musical performances, comedy sets, cooking demonstrations, game shows, and more performed in both large and small venues around the ship. Set your phasers to “fun” because the entertainment on Star Trek: The Cruise is out of this world!

Interactive Events

Prepare to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience where you won’t just witness your favorite celebrities on stage, but you’ll also get to rub shoulders with them at exciting events featuring their favorite hobbies and activities. From yoga sessions to karaoke battles, whiskey tastings to blackjack showdowns, trivia sessions to stunt classes, and even vow renewals – there’s no limit to the fun and entertainment you can have all week long.

Theme Nights

From Starfleet dress uniforms to Shore Leave casual, Star Trek: The Cruise celebrates different dimensions of the Trek experience with an extraordinary array of Theme Nights. Each night’s theme sets the stage, and guests knock it out of the park with show-stopping costumes and cosplays that turn heads and transport you to another universe. Every theme features several parties and events hosted by members of our Celebrity Crew.

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