Gear up!
Each night of the cruise celebrates a different dimension of the Trek life!

Star Trek: The Cruise celebrates different dimensions of the Trek experience with an extraordinary array of Theme Nights. Our guests knock it out of the park with show-stopping costumes that turn heads, while making memories that will live on forever!

Gorn's Warp Party • Day 1 • 2/22

As we journey to the Strange New Worlds of Curaçao and Aruba for the first time, our very own party captain Gorn says it’s time to engage the engines at Warp Factor: FUN! To make the best first impression, dress in your favorite Star Trek uniforms, Star Trek t-shirts, or naturally…some Gorn-inspired attire as we warp into night one of the cruise!

Salute to Sci-Fi • Day 2 • 2/23

This night will be a journey through the cosmos, exploring the worlds and characters of iconic science fiction movies and shows. You can stay within the Star Trek universe, choose another sci-fi favorite, or create your own mashup to create something unique!

Star Trek Masquerade Formal • Day 3 • 2/24

Don your finest Star Trek uniforms for this formal night and add a touch of mystery with a masquerade mask. Starfleet officers, Klingon warriors, and alien diplomats from all sectors can mingle at this ball. We’ll provide the masks, and you provide the moves on the dancefloor!

Return to Risa • Day 4 • 2/25

We’re heading back to the iconic destination for relaxation! Our return to the tropical climate is the perfect backdrop to escape reality and kick back for some much-needed R&R. Whether you choose to dress down or dress to party, there is something for everyone on this paradise night.

Mutiny on the Holodeck • Day 5 • 2/26

Avast ye! Mutiny On The Holodeck! Beware, mateys! Swashbuckling Sulus and Buccaneer Borg are seizing the ship, along with Orion and Ferengi pirates. And who knows, Blackbeard may even make an appearance in a Federation uniform. We’ll prepare for the attack and offer up plenty of music and dancing to have even the landlubbers singing Yo Ho, Yo Ho. All hands on deck!

Q's Costume Party • Day 6 • 2/27

An annual extravaganza on Star Trek: The Cruise, Q’s Costume Party is known for its unrivaled costume contest. This legendary event showcases the incredibly elaborate and outrageous costumes proving there are no limits to the imagination of Star Trek cruisers.

Costume Categories:

Replicator: This category is for guests who create the most realistic depictions of Star Trek characters.

Elaborate: This category is for guests who pull out all the stops, creating intricate and complex Star Trek costumes.

Mash-up: This category is for those bringing characters from other fandom and merging them into the Star Trek universe.

Out-Of-Universe: This category is for all guests in non-Star Trek costumes.

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