Introducing the Star Trek: The Cruise Community Room!

The Star Trek: The Cruise family is comprised of an amazing array of guests from many backgrounds, with a wide range of interests and unique talents.

In an effort to accommodate all groups and interests, we are excited and proud to introduce the Star Trek: The Cruise Community Room, an onboard space specifically designated for groups to gather for meetings, presentations, socials and other activities consistent with the Star Trek: The Cruise community.

We are proud of our long history of welcoming a broad range of groups onboard our sailings, many of whom seek programming opportunities to celebrate their members and present their own unique programming on our starship at sea.

The Star Trek: The Cruise Community Room will be available by reservation; you can reserve available time slots once onboard the ship. Keep an eye out for details to follow as our sailing date approaches.

Thank you for your continued support of Star Trek: The Cruise, and we look forward to sailing with you in 2024.


Where is the Community Room located?

The Community Room is located in the Observation Lounge (Ellingtons – Deck 14).

How do I reserve the Community Room?

Sign ups will open at 4:30PM on Embarkation Day in the Community Room.

Can I reserve more than one hour?

To be fair and provide access to as many groups as possible, consecutive hours may not be reserved.  Groups may book up to one hour per day to present their events.

What is included in the Community Room?

A portable speaker with a media input and a microphone will be provided. There will also be a bar with a bartender operating during the hours the room is booked (standard Royal Caribbean beverage fees apply).

What if I need additional equipment for my event?

We suggest bringing with you any additional supplies or devices needed for your event.

Where can I see the schedule of events?

The schedule will be posted at the entrance to the Star Trek: The Cruise Community Room.

How do I promote my event onboard?

The daily event schedule will be posted outside Star Trek: The Cruise Community Room. We encourage groups and their members to respectfully communicate their plans to other members and onboard guests as desired.

* Star Trek: The Cruise and Entertainment Cruise Productions reserves the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to deny use of or access to the Star Trek: The Cruise Community Room if programming and/or guest conduct is not consistent with Star Trek: The Cruise Terms & Conditions, or otherwise is not consistent the with cruise programming and behavior expectations. All events must be “PG” and suitable for all audiences regardless of race, religion, etc.

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