Discover a Q&A Session with Sonequa Martin-Green and Anthony Rapp

Discover more about Sonequa Martin-Green and Anthony Rapp! While you’ve witnessed Sonequa’s portrayal of Michael Burnham and Anthony’s performance as Paul Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery, our Q&A session aims to delve a little deeper into the lives of these talented individuals.

Sonequa Martin-Green Q&A

My favorite memory has to be the opening ceremony. Everybody was gathered together, spirits were high, smiles were wide and you could just feel all the love and excitement in the air. And our beloved Kenneth Mitchell’s intro is something I’ll never forget…!

Great question! Yo I think an escape room type cruise would be so much fun!

Oh, on a hot and sunny day at the beach! Hanging with the crew, but also having some alone time. Swimming, laying around, playing volleyball, basically relaxing and not saving the universe!

I kept my name placard from my cast chair. Captain Burnham. Near and dear for sure.

Connecting with everyone without having to rush. I have more time this go round, it should be great.

I think I was surprised at how much there is to do! No way can anyone be bored! The opening ceremony is at the tippity top like I said but a close second was Anthony’s show. My oh my what a gift that was. I was in tears.

Anthony Rapp Q&A

It’s difficult to pick only one. If I have to say only one, it would be Kenneth Mitchell’s rave. That will stay with me my whole life.

I’m currently in the midst of a reread of the classic Neil Gaiman Sandman comics, although I split them up with other books, including short stories in the old Year’s Best Fantasy and Year’s Best Science Fiction anthologies. At the time of this answer, I’m about to finish the final book in Becky Chambers’ Hugo-winning Wayfarers series, which I have to believe was heavily inspired by Star Trek.


I recently learned the lyrics to “Under Pressure,” which was one of those songs I’d sung along to any number of times without knowing what the actual lyrics were.

The sense of community among all of the attendees, whether we are cast members or fans. It’s quite lovely to feel that sense of belonging to something bigger than all of us.

Pride, awe, and gratitude.

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